Professor of Developmental Psychology and a Clinical psychologist

 Head of The Center for the Study of Spirituality

A multi-university center based at the University of Haifa
(The center has been approved by the University of Haifa and is currently under construction)
The Center's Objectives are:

  •   Advocating for a broad, humanistic and especially pluralistic spirituality and its benevolent potential, and legitimizing the study and    research of spirituality
  •   Promoting the study and research of spirituality and spiritual and personal growth processes
  •  Supporting and encouraging the use of such scientifically based knowledge by individuals, organizations, public institutions and policy makers through a variety of ways of dissemination and through translational research in diverse fields such as education, psychotherapy, the health system, business organizations, and inter-group relations.

Previous Academic and Professional Appointments

Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Haifa (2006-2012)

Head of Pedagogical Affairs, Ministry of Education Israel (2012-2013) (the highest national authority on curriculum and pedagogy) 


Research Interests

Attachment, caring, parents-children relationships, transition to adulthood , Spiritual Development, search for meaning


 Current Projects and Initiatives

Teaching with the Heart and Mind   A translational research project with five principal investigators from the University of Haifa and Bar Ilan University

Funded by Israel Science Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education as a center of excellence dedicated to study the Incorporation of 21st Century Skills in Elementary Schools

A MOOC (Massive Online Open Course):  Yes We Care- Creating a Benevolent Culture in Education (A collaboration of four academic institutions)

Jewish Psychotherapy  A pioneering study on integrating spirituality in psychotherapy

Funded by the John Templeton Foundation and the participation and direction of Brigham Young University

MA Specialization in Integrative Psychotherapy Mind-Body-Spirit The first academic graduate program in Israel that integrates mind, body and spirit in psychotherapy. (Mayseless is the initiator of the specialization and its head)


Organization of Conferences (in collaboration with others)

The Israeli Conference on Contemporary Spiritualities now at its 9th year (started 2009)

Contemplative Pedagogy The first Israeli conference dedicated to Contemplative Education (2018)

Gates to Spirituality in Psychotherapy and Counselling (2019)


Academic Resources